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Writing short stories with Cedille

Twitter user Agar used Cedille to write a gazette of fictional stories. He successfully used our model to write long, creative and engaging texts.

You can find the extracts from his story in the image opposite, where theinput or prompt given is in bold. Agar started by providing Cedille with a clear writing format in addition to the type of text he wanted to write.

Prompt: New pets have recently been appearing in the trendy areas of the capital. The mogrulos, as they are called, are small animals with trunks covered in scales and two pairs of wings, at the end of which are

Cedille's creativity and exotic use of the French language here show the ability of the French model to create compelling stories. For someone who wants to write creative short stories, or even just a few texts to inspire their next novel, this example shows perfectly that Cedille can help you do it!

And if you are not a professional writer but have always dreamed of creating children's books, horror novels or any other fictional story, you should know that this is now much easier to do!

Normally you probably don't have time to sit down and let your creativity run wild. With Cedille some preliminary work for your idea can be done quickly. Then you can always edit the results, elaborate on them and continue writing yourself. And if you get stuck again, suggest another paragraph that you have already written or that Cedille has already written for you, and the template will help you to quickly find inspiration and continue the story.

Still unsure about the capabilities of our model or how to use Cedille to write stories? Check out another case where a Youtuber shows how he used Cedille to write a story!

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