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Writing a novel with Cedille

Youtuber Gravithé explains in his video (see below) how he used Cedille's AI to write a story. As Cedille can generate several stories in no time, this will have greatly accelerated the process.

In the story, Gravithé simply provides a story line, where two friends are talking in a bar. He then manages to create a surprisingly winding sequence thanks to Cedille.

Throughout the process, the Youtuber keeps adding words or phrases to help manipulate the story. For example, after Cedille has generated some text, he adds a sentence himself to guide Cedille in the desired direction.

He also explains a small difficulty that was encountered and simply corrected it after several attempts. Cedille can generate texts that are sometimes meaningless in relation to the rest of the story. For example, after writing his prompt, Cedille writes that a friend has died and that another character has married his dead friend's mother. After several attempts and by providing a new starter, Gravithé was able to create a coherent story.

Keep in mind that Cedille is very fast at generating quality content, even if there may be times when the meaning has gone astray. Don't be discouraged though, if this happens, in two minutes you can have the ideal text you want!

What Gravithé ultimately did in this case was to write a very creative story entirely with Cedille. And when it generated less relevant texts, it simply modified them by hand afterwards to guide the AI. So if you want to manipulate your story, just add or change a sentence and then continue generating content. With Cedille, create creative stories now faster than ever!

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