Is Cedille's French model really open-source?


Yes, our French language model is indeed open-source! Many users have asked us if Cedille is really an open-source model, as the Github repo is empty when they consult it. Some explanations below.

The French model was formed from GPT-J. So the open-source code we used comes from their own repo, available here. Our model is also available on HuggingFace where anyone can download it.

We have since left some notes on our Github page to make it clearer. The checkpoints of the model are provided there (under MIT license). This has been trained using the mesh-transformer-jax code. You can run it either using the Transformers library (Apache-2.0 license), or with mesh-transformer-jax depending on your needs.

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The model is available on a test platform, generate your own texts!
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